The Brand

Alfredulla has always devoted itself to purveying ‘All Things Beautiful’ for its customers for more than over 10 years. The company first began by partnering and releasing products with many renowned establishments including luxury hotels and casinos, to banks and credit card companies.

The ambition is to provide ladies the chance to having something beautiful, and for homes to be graced with items that are likely pleasing. This desire is something we continually strive to fulfil, as we focus along our renewed intention and initiative of providing accessible retail boutiques for our customers, beginning with our first store in SM Mega Fashion Hall in Metro Manila.

With our enchantment for ‘All Things Beautiful’, Alfredulla hopes to provide everyone the same opportunity to be decorated with something beautiful, both in their lives and in their homes.

Alfredulla is proud to share its continued certification as The Ingredient Brand Partner of Crystals from Swarovski® for 2015-2016 for its items that are embellished with genuine Swarovski Crystals.