Free Shipping on All Orders
Shipping Information

Q: Where do you ship to?

  • We ship to anywhere in the Philippines.

    For international orders, drop us a message and we'll be happy to assist you.

Q: How long will my order take?

  • For Metro Manila orders, estimated delivery period is within 3 working days, and 6 working days for NCR region.

    Parcel Tracking is provided for your assurance.

Returns and Exchanges

Q: May I return or exchange a product that I’ve bought (online/retail store)?

  • Yes. Simply return the item/s to the same store or sales channel within 14 days of your purchase and the exact equivalent of store credit will be given for you to exchange for another item/s (if item is not defective). 

    If item is defective, full refunds shall be given in the form of payment received.

    Our return and exchange policies are available to items purchased through our own channels.

Q: What should I present if I wish to return or exchange an item?

  • Asides from the product itself, pls. also present the packaging the item came with together with your proof of purchase and valid government ID with the same name. 

Q: For returns, how do I receive back my refund?

  • For applicable returns, payment shall be given back in the same form of payment received for the item’s pruchase. 

Q: May I still return a damaged item/packaging?

  • Most Likely. Items for return or exchange that have been damaged are subject for individual inspection and review per item.

    In any case, we will try our best to credit what we can depending on the item’s condition.

Q: What happens if the price of the item I wish to exchange for is different to than one I’ve purchased?

  • If exchanged item price is higher, you may settle the difference through your preferred available payment methods.

    Once an exchange has been made, future redemptions of remaining store credit will not be applicable anymore. 

Q: May I return or exchange an item that has been purchased/redeemed through a non-alfredulla sales channel? (i.e. hotel shops)

  • Most likely. For items purchased through partner concessions (i.e. hotel-owned shops, casino memberships) pls. coordinate directly with the partner institution for any concerns.