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De Rosa Golden Chinese Dragon (Ltd 888)

Dimensions: 12x06x11 cm –  4 3/4″x2 3/8″x4 3/8″ in

Limited Edition: 888 Pieces

Every creation of the De Rosa Collections is the result of a unique handmade process of the highest technical and artistic quality. Each figurine is carved and painted by hand; insuring no two subjects are ever carved exactly the same. Hand carved and hand painted in Uruguay our sculptures are accented with platinum, gold and vibrant enamel glazes.

Each piece is supplied gift boxed, with a certificate of authenticity and information regarding our 100% handmade process and cleaning recommendations. This piece does not have a number carved or painted, it is just part of a limited collection and comes with a special certificate that states that.

The dragon is a legendary cultural symbol of China, and a vital part of Chinese folklore, culture, and history. Contrary to the fire-throwing antagonistic dragons depicted in Western culture, Chinese dragons signify good fortune, compassion, benevolence, power, and prosperity. They are considered to be the gods of weather and water bodies, like clouds, rain, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes.

Chinese dragons are an amalgamation of other powerful and symbolically meaningful animals. For example, in popular culture the dragon is thought to borrow its head from a camel, in tribute to the resilient and economically important camels of the Gobi Desert. It also features horns which are a symbol of strength and beauty; eyes of a demon which represent keen observation and how nothing can escape its wrath; the ears of a cow which provide compassionate and highly sensitive hearing; the neck of a snake which signifies alertness; the scales of a carp which allow it to glide and protect it from harm; the claws of an eagle and paws of a tiger which represent unmatched power and grip. The overall creature is one that symbolises perfection, strength, power, authority, prosperity, and compassion. T

Those who were born in the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese Zodiac are considered to be confident, ambitious, strong leaders, healthy, and loving. Our limited- edition dragon is painstakingly made with the highest degree of craftsmanship. It brings divine blessings to those who keep it in their home or office

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