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De Rosa Infinite Chinese Dragon Golden (Ltd 588)

Dimensions: 40x35x25 cm

Limited Edition: 588 Pieces

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Dragon being mythological creature of ancient China, has been legendary cultural symbol of Chinese people, it is a vital and imperative part of Chinese folklore, culture, mythology, history, and royal insignia. Chinese dragons signify compassion, benevolence, power, authority, prosperity, and providence. First dragons appeared in Chinese culture in five millennium B.C. and siince then, they are seen everywhere from royal dresses to royal insignia, from ceramic wares to zodiac symbols, from symbol of fortune to be gods of ancient and modern China. They are considered to be gods of weather and water bodies, like clouds, rain, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, and lakes.

Dragons in Chinese mythological are considered tremendously significant who signify good fortune, strength, and power. Chinese dragon picks the most significant parts of every powerful animal and amalgamate them all into one body to cognate every good in the society. For example in popular culture dragons are thought to borrow its head from camel, and we know that camels in desert of Gobi and along ancient Silk Road, were considered most resilient animals used for trade and transportation. The other parts like: horns of stage are symbol of strength and beauty; eyes of demon represent keen observation and nothing can escape their wrath; the ears of cow listens everything with compassion and due sensitivity; the neck of a snake signify attentiveness with power and pride; the mysterious belly of clam offers food and sometime pearls; the scales of carp make him float and protects him from harm; the claws of eagle and paws of tiger are known for their strength and symbolize unmatched power and grip. The overall composition of Chinese dragon give us a sense of perfection, strength, power, authority, prosperity, and compassion.

Dragons find fifth position in zodiac circle and those born in the Dragon Year are considered to be confident, ambitious, leading, healthy and loving. Our new limited edition Infinite Chinese Dragon is De Rosa’s most complex and exquisite piece ever done, only 588 pieces will be made with utmost craftsmanship.The complexity of the dragon´s shape and the number of details make the process of its creation quite challenging, from the modelling of the original sculpture through to its third firing in the kiln.

Being part of our Limited Edition Collection, De Rosa’s exclusive Gallery Collection presents spectacular unique hand painted and hand carved ceramic sculptures of the highest level of craftsmanship and design, making them strong statement pieces that will sure bring years of pride to owners. Each piece is a unique work of art, handcrafted by a select few artisans, many of whom have spent years perfecting their craft. This masterpiece is meticulously crafted by skillful hands and requires many hours or even days to carve and paint!

Issued in a very exclusive Limited Edition, this piece is supplied gift boxed, with a special numbered certificate signed by our artist and its corresponding number hand carved or hand painted at the base.

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